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Watch India Now is a Firm with an efficient and creative team. We believe in giving chances to new talent in our firm because we feel that fresh talent can do something very good which is yet not there in this industry. Our first and utmost priority is our Readers we feel that a reader is more valuable than the money full of bags and that’s why only we provide authenticity, truthfulness and credibility. 

Our organisation is fully dedicated to our consumers. we believe in serving truth not lies with different levels. We are not here to prove that we are the best but to make people believe in truth again. Nowadays every single news is an exaggeration with less information. Everyone is debating which nobody wanna hear about. but above all WIN is discussing each and every single aspects of your life because this is  channel i.e. For You… From You….. Because you matters.

We are not confined to our boundaries but our team always think out of box so that our readers should also got things from those places where there is no coverage…. no media and obvious no sesanalization. There are so many things which we all need to think about… there are voices which need to be heard….. there are so many hands who want to write what they are going through so WIN has become the voice of such people.


Like any other organisation WIN’s first mission is to earn trust of the readers. We want you to believe on us, on our credibility. Our dream is not to sensationalise or making issues or making news… our only criteria is to serve truth, Become a voice of needy and build a bond between each reader and us. wo bharose wala rishta you know. Apart from this WIN just wants to touch New heights in media industry 


WIN is not only a website but its also having its own Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube page. We are having good reach over there too. Our posts is being shared, Saved and liked. WIN take care of good hashtags and promote talent. 


Our Tagline already describe our VISION ‘YOUR TRUST’. it simply means that we value those who trust on us and always try to maintain that. We never ever do things which may disappoint our readers because we take them as our assets.